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In Game Tactics

Keep Tapping, Keep Up Your Combo

Even if the last combo is not over, we can keep tapping to replace and connect the capsules.

Keep tapping and keep increasing your combo chain!

wait! Don't forget you have limited turns, so be careful not to indulge in increasing the combo and use too many turns!

Target the capsules below the Keplers!

When attacking the Keplers, try to target the capsules below for effective damage.

When attaching from the side, the liquid spilled from the capsule blast can only cause minor damage to the Kepler. If you aim at the capsule under the Kepler, it will fall as the capsule ruptures, so a large amount of liquid can directly contact the Kepler, causing more damage.

Optimal Attach Releasing Time

For example, the skill of me, Laika, is “attack 1 row”. But if you immediately release my attack as soon as I was triggered might not be a very good strategy. Try to observe the number of Keplers in the horizontal direction, match capsules to adjust my position, then release my attack to effectively hit as many Keplers as possible.

Try a lot of different Starmate, since their optimal skill releasing time and scene are different!

Various Party Composition!

If you encounter a tough level, re-arranging the party composition will be one effective strategy.

For example, Sugar, who has the ability to turn capsules into pink, If being appropriately used during the combo, he can help you achieve higher combo chain and even help you reach large-scale Simul Pop.

Think carefully and strategically about the team composition to boost your challenges.

Learn about the attributes of Starmates & Keplers!

Do you know? In Starscapes: Puzzle Adventure, both our cute Starmate and the enemy Keplers have different attributes!

Each Starmate has his/her own attach attributes, such as "fire attack" and "water attack." At the same time, Keplers also have different attributes. So if you build your own team based on the enemy's attributes, you can win the battle more easily!

Before the game starts, you can click on the preview button to see the grid pattern, attributes, number, and weakness of Keplers.

What is Decay Effect?

Sometimes you may notice that there is a “Decay” in the Starmate’s skill description.

This represents the percentage decrease in the effectiveness of the attack. For example, if the effect of an attack is attenuated by 80% (DECAY 80%), then releasing the attack at the edge of the screen will decrease its impact by 80%, and the final hit of the enemy is about 20% of the original power.

Attacks will be more effective when you hit an enemy at a distance where there is no decay effect!

Don't Give Up!

Um... Sometimes you may keep struggling with a certain level and can't get passed.

You may have noticed that every time you start a level challenge, the drop of the capsules is random, and the Kepler positions will change. Even if you failed this time, in the next challenge, you might be able to meet the summon conditions to trigger a strong Starmate to tide over the difficulties!

Try more~ Don't be discouraged! Luck is also a vital part!