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How to Play?

In Star League, you are trying to get the highest score possible within a limited time. Although this may sound easy, there will be increasingly difficult Keplers trying to stop you! 

Star League takes place over weekly seasons where you play and compete to climb into different leagues for better rewards. 


Every game of the Star League season goes towards your season's total score and towards that week's milestone goals!


At the end of each season, you can rank up into a better league if you've reached target total score and world criteria.

Only the top players will be able to enter the StarMaster League! Each League has a different life cost to enter, but as you've progressed up the ladder rewards get greater.

Be aware, if you don't meet certain season total scores you could be demoted, try your best to keep your season total score above the minimum to avoid the risk of demotion!


Climb your way up the leaderboard in your League to get an additional reward based on your final ranking for that season. The higher you climb, the better the reward. 

At the end of each season, you are rewarded with a different prize depending on which league and rank you are in. You will also receive a daily first win bonus if you play Star League every day! 


Keep in mind to take advantage of both your starmate and rare & epic furniture

Certain starmate effects and furniture bonus effects are particularly helpful in Star League.
Try to strategize your party with both starmates and furniture to get higher marks!

e.g. Bonus effect Turn + 1 will add 1 extra second to your Star League Match.

Good Luck!