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Party Building!

Starmates and Keplers have different abilities and skills in Starmate: Puzzle Adventure! By using your knowledge of the enemies and the battleground you'll be able to form a flexible and efficient party! 

Whenever you are facing a difficult level, try changing your strategy by adjusting your Starmate party!  

Balance & Flexible Party

  • High Combo Starmates are triggered by continuously creating combos

  • Even if you break a combo, it's easy to trigger a low combo Starmate

  • Continue to combo and use Starmates' abilities to trigger a SimulPop

  • Make sure to keep a special Starmate that's easy to summon to attack enemies head on! 

Having a diverse combinations allows for flexibility when playing different levels. 

Look at the characteristics of each level to strategically choose your attacking Starmate and your supporting Starmate so you can better be ready for battle. 

Dealing with a Small Board

Sometime the board can be very small, or there are many obstacles between the capsules, so it's difficult for players to get long combos or a larger numbers of SimulPops. 

When this happens, we recommend trying to use Small Combo Starmates and easy-to-trigger attacking Starmates to slowly defeat the Keplers step by step! 

Dealing with a Large Board 

When the board is large and there's no obstacles,  players can achieve excellent long combos and simultaneous blasts. During these levels, you can be aggressive and try to bring some long-lasting Starmates with very powerful attacks that are more difficult to summon onto the Field. 

Usually, on these levels, Keplers will fall at the same time. It's because of this you'll want to focus on Starmates that can attack multiple Keplers at once. 

Keplers are far away & you can't reach! 

Some fields have special shapes, the Keplers are too far away, or spread out making it difficult to have players attack them without just blasting capsules. 

In this case, we need to rely on Starmates that can aim at enemies for a ranged attack. A Starmate that randomly attacks a capsule or enemy and releases a straight line is also a good option. 

Dealing with Lots of Attacking Keplers! 

Players will often have a headache when a huge number of Keplers are attacking all at the same time and more and more empty capsules are on the board. At this time try using Alice, a Starmate that can destroy empty capsules! You could also try other special Starmates that can fill those empty capsules like Sugar, if you are having a difficult time! 

Usually, after an empty capsule has been destroyed there's a good chance that a large number of capsules will all match at the same time. Therefore, it is wise to also have a Starmate with a large combo or SimulPop amount trigger in your party as well. 

Efficient Support Party! 

The use of Prira, Sugar, and Tailor can change capsules colors to a particular color which can help you create large combos. If you combine the three of them with a SimulPop Starmate, you will be able to summon them more easily. Some Starmates that are normally difficult to trigger could become quite achievable like Houdini, JJ, and Lilina! 

【Counter】What happens when all summoning conditions are the same?!

Hey! All the above lineup is all low-combo Starmates! 

Even if the trigger condition is met, only one star of the same type can be summoned at a time. There is no way to predict who will be triggered so this lineup is very inefficient. 

Therefore, players should reduce the number of similar triggering conditions in your party lineup. By increasing this gap it will ensure that players are able to summon and attack efficiently with the Starmates they want. 

【Counter】The summoning condition is too high! 

How is this party? 

It seems that each of these Starmates has a really strong skill and the type of Starmates we are using are pretty well balanced. 

However, their summoning conditions are all very high and difficult to trigger. If the player is unable to achieve a high combo or SimulPop it's possible that no Starmate will end up being summoned and the level could be easily failed. 

In addition to the skills and summoning types of Starmates, remember to put at least one easy-to-summon Starmate in your party along with more difficult ones to create a well-balanced party.  

In Conclusion

The combination of your Starmate's party can be very diverse! You can overcome one level after another by looking at the field's layout and what Keplers are attacking. 

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